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"I had trouble with my last roommates as they pulled the door off the new washing machine, they made a crack in one of the windows, and they made a burn in sofa. They damaged my property and they refused to pay... At least with my House Share Agreement the same thing won’t happen again."
Elaine Shaw, Bristol. February 2006


"My tenants at the moment are lovely people but they do like their TV and stereo to be played at ridiculous levels. Now that I have a proper Agreement, conducted by yourselves, I have the authority to do something about it... and I am sure the neighbours will appreciate it."
Steven Fowler, Worcester. January 2006


"The first time I rented one of my rooms out I thought I was so prepared. I had written the contract myself and each tenant signed it. A month later I did not receive any payments from any of the tenants. Apparently there was a huge mistake on the contract whereby the tenants found a loophole and got away with not paying rent. Thank you for teaching me how to become a wise landlord."
Abigail Deeley, Nottingham. December 2005


"Thank you so much for your help in producing my House Share Agreement. This is the first time I have bought a property and I was so nervous about renting it out. Thanks to you I have peace of mind and security."
Lucy Cotteral, Chester. December 2005


"I had a group of girls living in my house last year and they kept the place so nice I didn’t want them to move out. I had no trouble with them at all. I thought it was only sensible to get a professional House Share Agreement when my new tenants were a bunch of boys."
Karl Davies, Reading. December 2005


"I was letting out to my house to other students, which is never easy. One of the students stopped paying his rent because he had run out of money. I threatened to kick him out but I didn’t have a leg to stand on – the contract I had drawn up was not worth the paper it was written on."
Eric Barter, Durham. December 2005


"My last flatmate didn’t move out of my house when I gave them a months notice. I had such a huge legal battle and spent so much money protecting what was mine. I wish I had contacted you sooner. Now I have a Flat Share Agreement I know that I won’t have to go through that again. The professional agreement you have provided me with states exactly how much notice the tenants should receive and when they must move out by."
Paul Rawlings, Shrewsbury. December 2005


"Thanks for all your help. You have saved me so much time and work. I have never been a person who understands all the legal aspects of a contract."
Sheila Hulq, Gateshead. December 2005


"I have been lucky enough never to have problems with people I share my house with – until last year. I found out that my housemate was subletting to one of his mates… I couldn’t believe the cheek of it! I suppose it was my own fault in a way for not having a House Share Agreement. Thanks to your expertise if it happens again I can use legal action."
Billy Potter, London. December 2005


"Thanks again for the houseshare agreement! Some of my previous landlords have increased rent without any warning and all sorts... not anymore!"
Ali John, Cardiff. December 2005